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Sticky-Tack Camouflage Masking

On my recent Rick Dom II I used the rolled sticky-tack masking method. The idea is that the rolled edge of the sticky tack gives you a slightly soft edge on your camouflage that simulates a to-scale overspray patterns from a paint gun. It’s very common among airplane modelers. Since I don’t see this camouflage technique used much in the world of Gunpla, I decided to make a tutorial. Aircraft modelers often use sticky tack to create camouflage patterns on their airplanes. One method is to blow up the instruction manual to match the size of the model and...

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Anime Expo Model Contest and Bandai Gunpla Builders World Cup

I’ve talked with Clem (Gamerabaenre) who usually organizes the AX model contest, and with Steve at Bluefin, who organizes the Gunpla Builders World Cup Live Events and since I’m judging both contests I wanted to coordinate the judging and model placement since it was kind of disorganized last year. Last year more-or-less ALL models were entered and physically placed in the artist area of the exhibition hall. We judged the models Saturday afternoon for the Anime Expo contest, and then contestants had about an hour to make the mad dash with their models to set them up again at...

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Model Build Gathering This Weekend 6/11/2011

Just wanted to post on the front page that the June Build Gathering is coming up this Saturday June 11th at Gamerabaenre’s house in Placentia, California. Get more information, including how to get on the email list that announces the monthly gatherings at Gamerabaenre’s forum. BTW the last two words of that las sentence are a link, they just aren’t a diffferent color (at least on my PC). Here’s the URL, just to be safe:$t=944 Getherings start at 1pm and go until the last person leaves, usually around 1-3 am. This month will be the last BG before...

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Funaka’s Scratchbuilding Guide

Every wanted to do a heavy modification to you kit? The kind that you can’t do just by swapping parts around from different kits? Or maybe you want to create something new from the ground up. This article covers design, materials, tools and techniques for a variety of scratchbuilding and detailing methods. Click the title below to view/download the PDF: Funaka’s Scratchbuilding...

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Decal Creation Tutorial

Sometime in 2010 I finally finished this… I worked on this decal tutorial on and off for at least a year. When you see it in its 37-page glory I think you’ll see why it took so long to finish. Rather than make another massive multi-part series of webpages like I did with my scratchbuilding tutorial, I just made this PDF: Funaka’s Creating Custom Decals.pdf Now you too can make decals like these!!!...

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