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Bear Guy Project: Last Update

Bear Guy Project: Last Update The kit has been done for a few weeks now, this update just finishes the base I had started when I needed a break from cleaning up and fixing the resin binders. I touched on a few things on the last update with the basics of the base, but other than just slapping things together, […] Source: GameraBaenre’s...

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Bear Guy Project June Update

Bear Guy Project June Update June update for this project. As of this posting, the main kit for the project is done. I’m just playing catchup with the progress for what happened between the last update and last week’s final assembly and photo session. I took all these pictures during the build so why not post up the progress. Last […] Source: GameraBaenre’s...

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Bear Guy Project: May’s Progress

Bear Guy Project: May’s Progress Update time. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been steadily working on this project so the little updates I used to do are more meaningful and have more meat to things. I like that I can show more substance than just random in the middle progress that takes a few updates to get the full […] Source: GameraBaenre’s...

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The Bearguy Project

The Bearguy Project Our theme for this year’s SCGMC is the Bearguy, so I’m finally getting off my ass and starting up my Bearguy project. I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew at this time. Sometimes when inspiration hits you, it’s like being hit by a motorcycle speeding from your blind spot. You’re […] Source: GameraBaenre’s...

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Upgrading the air compressor

Upgrading the air compressor Coming into some extra spare cash, I decided to upgrade my air compressor. Was there something wrong with my old compressor? Nope. It is still running. I only had one repair issue done about 10 years ago when the auto shutoff fuse blew. After that issue, I picked up a 10 gallon tank and configured […] Source: GameraBaenre’s...

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Southern California Gundam Model Competition