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Robinson’s Raiders Project WIP

Robinson’s Raiders Project WIP This is one of the largets projects I’ve ever put together and will be a 2-Part Diorama Featuring 2 heavily-modified Master Grade G-Fighters, 1 U.C. Hardgraph Core Fighter and several Hardgraph figures. I started work on it over a year ago but it’s been shelved once and I keep bouncing around to different parts of the project so no single part of it is complete yet. Still, it seemed like I was really overdue to post an update on my site so I decided to sum up the work so far. Click the picture...

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Pasadena’s Modeler Society presents ValleyCon 2013

In the effort to further the gunpla foot print within the realm of North American plastic modelers the goal this year for Those Gundam Guys will be a presence at as many plastic model shows and events as possible. Word of mouth has helped greatly, but getting out there meeting modelers and getting potential participants at such events is quite important. It is also important to help promote as many shows as possible since a great deal of these shows also help promote our own SGCMC event – a sign that we becoming more and more accepted as a...

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2nd Annual Southern California Gundam Model Competition (SCGMC part deux!)

Attention gunpla modelers as well as all anime/scifi related model builders! The 2nd annual Southern California Gundam Model Competition is nearing in a few weeks. This year we have a bigger room and hopefully the word spread about last year’s competition and we’ll draw more folks this year. Date: Saturday November 17, 2012 Time: 9:00AM – 4:00PM Location: Royal Ballroom Holiday Inn Fullerton 2932 East Nutwood Avenue Fullerton, CA 92831 The theme for this year’s competition is the Master Grade Zaku. This means ANY variant of the MG Zaku from the first Zaku’s released back in the 90’s, Zaku...

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SCGMC 2012!

Ok, we’ve been working behind the scenes planning out this year’s Southern California Gundam Model Competition event. We have a bigger room booked at the same location as last year. We’ve also go tons of new ideas to add into the mix. The group of us shot a quick little infomercial: Saturday November 17, 2012 Fullerton Holiday Inn Royal Ballroom 2932 East Nutwood Avenue Fullerton, CA...

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Southern California Gundam Model Competition