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Dreissen is Done

Dreissen is Done And a day after the last post, I’m done. I seriously did not think I was going to have this update until at least the end of the week. Dehydrator = time traveling for model building. I filled in some gaps between the 3D printed support piece and the base with more hydrocal and into […] Source: GameraBaenre’s...

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Dreissen part is 99.9% complete

Dreissen part is 99.9% complete Last we left off, I assessed the project and started on the last bits to finish the damn thing. The chest piece that I melted is painted and back to normal. Another electronics test to make sure all the wire rework didn’t screw anything up. And the whole thing is gloss coated. Since all the […] Source: GameraBaenre’s...

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New year, Old Project

New year, Old Project Time to kick off the new year with a project. Not necessarily a new project, but something that has been shelved for almost 7 years. I had to dig through my harddrive to find this next set of pictures. Last date from the pictures in this set is April 14, 2012. I originally stopped working […] Source: GameraBaenre’s...

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Last project of the year, SD VF-1J is done!

Last project of the year, SD VF-1J is done! Going to go back a month and some change to just after SCGMC 2018. At least, that’s when I dropped the photos from my camera to the computer. I had been steadily working on the little project in hopes that I would actually have it done for SCGMC. That didn’t pan out. I kept making […] Source: GameraBaenre’s...

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Grim Reaper Completed

Grim Reaper Completed She was actually sorta done last Friday… almost. I had some trouble attaching the head since there is quite a bit of resin attached to the head such as her cape/cowl. I originally used a magnet to hold the head in place, but with all the resin bits together, it is too heavy for the […] Source: GameraBaenre’s...

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Southern California Gundam Model Competition


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