Every year there will be a special theme category; and this category will be updated every year when the theme is chosen. These are standard categories and at the actual competition, the contest judges may expand, split, or remove categories depending on the number of entries for a specific category.

SCGMC Categories:

Category ID Category Description
1 Juniors 12 and under (all scales, all subjects)
2 Beginner (all scales, all subjects)
3 Adv 1/100 and Larger Universal Century
4 Adv 1/144 and Smaller Universal Century
5 Adv 1/100 and Larger Alternate Universe
6 Adv 1/144 and Smaller Alternate Universe
7 Anime Figures
8 Star Wars
9 Mecha General
10 Super Deformed
11 Diorama
12 Expert (all scales, all subjects)
2022 Special Theme Titans


  • Juniors
    Any and all kits built by modelers 12 and under.
  • Beginners
    Any and all kits
  • Intermediate/Advanced
    • Universal Century(CCA, 0079, 0080, 0083, F91, etc.)
      • 1/100 and larger (1/60, 1/48, etc)
      • 1/144 and smaller (1/220, 1/400, etc)
    • Alternate Universe(Seed, 00, Turn A, X, Wing, etc.)
      • 1/100 and larger (1/60, 1/48, etc)
      • 1/144 and smaller (1/220, 1/400, etc)
  • Super Deformed
    Any SD kit from any series, Gundam, Patlabor, FSS, Macross, etc.
  • Star Wars
    Anything kit from the Star Wars Universe.
  • Mecha General
    Macross, Star Trek, Starblazers, FSS, Ma K. Battlestar Galactica, Zoids, etc.
  • Anime Figures
    Any non mecha anime kit (Anime characters, Dragonball, Pokemon, Demon Slayer, mecha girlsĀ  etc)
  • Diorama
    Any scale, any anime/Gundam related subject. The entry must tell a story. Entry must have a minimum of 2 kits.
  • Expert
    Any and all kits. Only one entry per person can be submitted to this category and the prize for this category is to be immortalized on the SCGMC Expert’s Plaque, and bragging rights for the year until the next SCGMC event.
  • Special awards:
    Below are special awards that applies to all the above categories. The entry form will have boxes for the entrants to check if their kits qualify for the special awards. Additional notes under each category will give more details on qualifications.

    • Theme: “Titans”
    • Best of Show
      The best entry as agreed upon by the judges.

Expert – All scales, all subjects
One entry per person

The only award for this category is your name and the name of your entry on a plaque we bring to the show. This is a winner take all category, and we welcome all who want to compete at the highest level of model building. Winner of this category is eligible for the Best of Show.