Ramba Ral Zaku Gallery

Ramba Ral Zaku Gallery This is a kitbash created by combining the HGUC Zaku I Sniper and standard Zaku I kits to make Ramba Ral’s unit. It was also the “star” of my How to build Gunpla tutorial. Click on the picture above to go to the gallery. Source: Funakatown

WTF Happened to Funaka???

WTF Happened to Funaka??? TLDR Version: I moved and I’ve been REALLY busy so not much building and even less posting. But I’m back. Hopefully I’ll stay back. So it’s been over two years since I updated my blog. I’m still alive and building models but a few things have happened that have kept me from updating Funakatown. The first is that I moved last year. I spent the Spring and Summer preparing to sell my old house, selling … Read More

IBO Diorama WIP 1: The Base

IBO Diorama WIP 1: The Base I originally  wanted to recreate the final fight between  the Barbatos and Graze Ein from the anime for my first diarama. Didn’t feel like buying the 6th form HG Barbatos but I had the HG Barbatos that came with the Long Distance Booster. Looked into how much model buildings cost (they are expensive) and didn’t want to scratch build them so I went with a forest fight. From there I came up with … Read More

We Shot a Gunpla Commercial

We Shot a Gunpla Commercial So we shot a commercial for the upcoming Southern California Gundam Model Competition. This written and filmed in one day without any planning. Outtakes after the video. Enjoy.   [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gdGRYWKmPY?rel=0&controls=0&showinfo=0]   [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWDKQp2_D5g?rel=0&controls=0&showinfo=0] Source: Freddy Was Wrong

HG Grimgerde WIP

HG Grimgerde WIP So I’m currently at the boring, clean up part of the Space Jahannam build. Decided to switch to a different project I’ve had on my mind for a while. It was originally just to supposed to be a simple, quick build but then thought it would be a good project to test working with surface mount leds (the very tiny ones).   The Swords The swords looked a bit too small and I wanted them to … Read More

Space Jahannam WIP 2: More mods and details

Space Jahannam WIP 2: More mods and details Weapon Mods I did not like the beam rifle the kit comes with. It just  looks to weird in hand without a trigger finger hand and it does not sit on arm too well. Ended up chopping the back end of the rifle and reshaping the handle with styrene and putty.     The wrists looked too skinny to me compared with the rest of the arm so I added a … Read More

Completed Build 1 + Tear Apart: HG Purple Frame Unicorn

Completed Build 1 + Tear Apart: HG Purple Frame Unicorn Base Kit: HG Unicorn Destroy Mode Mods: None, just paint   First kit I attempted anything with other than snap fitting. Everything was hand painted except the white armor parts.   Tear Apart Now for the fun part. Ripping it to shreds. I’m still relatively new to the hobby and only recently started painting and modding kits. As with a lot of other things, it’s good practice to look … Read More

Mistake Roundup #1

Mistake Roundup #1 I’m pretty new to customizing kits so I still make a lot of mistakes. Here are a few that I have made so you can learn from them. Soft Plastic + Putty + a Ziplock bag = a Rubbery Mess This happened while I was trying to fill in the holes on the backs of the Space Jahannam hands. They are made of the soft plastic that Bandai uses in newer HGs, usually the frame/weapon grey … Read More

Space Jahannam WIP 1: Proportion Changes and LED Mod

Space Jahannam WIP 1: Proportion Changes and LED Mod I originally got this kit dirt cheap and had it boxed up somewhere after I snapped it together. Decided that it was finally time I did something to it. LED Mod Emptied out the chest cavity as much as I could. Also added some styrene to the hole for the neck polycap to give it a slightly longer neck. Wired up the red LED with 24 gauge magnet copper wire, … Read More

Completed Build 3: Powered GM ‘Murica

Completed Build 3: Powered GM ‘Murica Base Kit: HG Powered GM Cardigan Mods: Leg extensions, panel line scribing, weapon/shield modifications and a paintjob full of freedom Awards: 2nd place, 1/144 Alternate Universe category at SCGMC 2015 . Source: Freddy Was Wrong