SCGMC 2014 T-Shirt Design

The folks here at ThoseGundamGuys have been hard at work creating this year’s T-Shirt design. A limited number will be for sale at this year’s SCGMC event. The price for the shirts have not been set yet, but it should be close to the price we sold last year’s Wing T-Shirts. If you missed out on last year’s Wing shirts, too bad, they’re gone. If you guys are coming out to the Southern California Gundam Model competition in November and … Read More

GBWC at Anime Expo 2014

Anime Expo Gunpla Builders World Cup 2014 preliminary competition Pictures of the winners: I believe there were 4 categories and then the best of show, Best 1/00 and larger, best 1/144 and smaller, Bandai judges favorite, Bluefin judges favorite, and Best of show. So here’s the whom and what won: Best 1/100 and Larger: Kendal Chow, Zeta Plus “Sialia” Best 1/144 and Smaller: Angel Del La Cruz, Hazel Bandai Judges Favorite: Min, God Gundam Bluefin Judges Favorite: Michael Wine, Geara … Read More

Anime Expo 2014: Gundam Model Building Panel 18+

This is a video taken from this past year’s Anime Expo 2014. We presented a panel for advanced gunpla building, and this was an 18+ panel. Crude language and jokes with bits of gunpla building thrown into the mix.

Monoeye Mecha Model Competition

Tatsu Hobby and the Bay Area SF Gundam Club presents the Monoeye Mecha Model Competition. Date: August 2, 2014 Location: Tatsu Hobby 761 Mabury Road #80 San Jose, CA 95133

SCGMC 2014

SCGMC 2014 coming in November, get your kits ready, get your Gundam Unicorn Grunt suits ready! Live demos, Raffle prizes, a new T-Shirt design and much much more as we draw closer to this event!

Bandai 1/100 VF-25S Messiah Valkyrie Complete!

Bandai 1/100 VF-25S Messiah Valkyrie Complete! After completing the Core Fighter I repaired the Wing Gundam shadow box project that had been pretty well wrecked in an earthquake we had a few months back. After that I dusted off a project that had been on hold for about 18 months. I had it all ready to paint but when it came time to give it a white shaded paint job, I lost interest. So I grabbed another one of … Read More

Core Fighter Complete!

Core Fighter Complete! It has been 6 months since I finished a model… but this one’s in the books! It has an Air Force camouflage pattern but Navy weathering. The major decals are my own design and all the little data stencils come from the kit. To make it more detailed I replaced the kit’s seat with a 1/32 scale resin ejection seat from an F/A-18C Hornet and resin wheels from two different scale F-4 Phantoms. To see the … Read More