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SCGMC 2018 come and gone!

SCGMC 2018 come and gone! I’m still recovering from the event, but it was a damn fun time. I met a ton of new folks and got to see lots of familiar faces. For those that want to skip to all 240 entries.. yes, there were 240 ENTRIES by 116 entrants, the gallery link is here: SCGMC 2018 Gallery This […] Source: GameraBaenre’s...

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SD Valkyrie VF-1J

SD Valkyrie VF-1J The group of us had a TGG Live broadcast two Saturday’s ago and I was in the midst of finishing the Death kit so I really didn’t have anything to work on, so I cracked open this little kit I picked up from Hong Kong the last time I went back. It is a recast […] Source: GameraBaenre’s...

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Grim Reaper Part 3

Grim Reaper Part 3 Seven months after my last post on the subject; it is time to get around to finishing the damn project. So let us catch up. Here is a mockup of Death right about the end of March as I continued working on masking and painting. I had pictures and progress in the can when I […] Source: GameraBaenre’s...

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Southern California Gundam Model Competition