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SD Macross Monster

SD Macross Monster I picked up this kit on a trip to Hong Kong in 2011 from a shop that no longer exists. This was a recast from a series of SD Macross kits made by Metal Box as a limited run kit for Wonfes 2011 winter. The casting isn’t too bad. I did find a bubble here […] Source: GameraBaenre’s...

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SCGMC 2017!

SCGMC 2017! It’s November, and another SCGMC has come and gone. We had another great turnout this year. We added even more vendors this year and the room was filled with all kinds of gunpla goodies from vintage kits, to resin add ons, to the latest release, to non gunpla mecha and anime figure goodness! We had […] Source: GameraBaenre’s...

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Hazel Masking and Resin Booster Shields

Hazel Masking and Resin Booster Shields Last I left off, I had most of the exterior armor pieces painted. The procrastination for the interior armor painting resulted with those bits getting worked on last. The leg armor pieces were painted but I noticed that there were some details that frame up the vents on the front and back, so those areas […] Source: GameraBaenre’s...

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