Attention gunpla modelers as well as all anime/scifi related model builders!

Unfortunately, we had to postpone the in-person 10th Annual SCGMC to 2021. We still wanted to have some sort of competition this year so we will be having an online contest. The contest will be open to US residents only.

Entry submission deadline: 0ctober 10, 2020 | Submission links down below

SCGMC Ver:COV Livestream November 6-8, 2020

The 3-day event will consist of panels from various members of the gunpla community, winner announcements, and maybe a surprise or two.


Gunpla - Beginner
For people that are new to gunpla. (Please note: if we feel your work is above beginner level, we will bump it up to the advanced categories)

Gunpla - Advanced 1/144 and Smaller (All Gundam Series)
All gundam series allowed. 1/144 scale and smaller (ex: high and real grades)

Gunpla - Advanced 1/100 and Larger
All gundam series allowed. 1/100 scale and larger (ex: master and perfect grades)

Super Deformed
All series allowed. The kit must be in the super deformed style.

Not Gunpla (Anything Not Gundam Related)

Ver Covid Theme Category: Digital Gunpla (Photography Contest)
Make a cool scene. Take fancy photos. Use of photoshop is allowed for this category only. Use any scale gunpla.

All entries must include a photo of your finished kit with a handwritten note with your name and date to prove its yours.


One entry per person per category. Open to US residents only.

All entries must include a photo of your finished kit with a handwritten note with your name and date to prove its yours.

No entries that were submitted to prior SCGMC contests will be accepted. You will be able to enter this years submission to our next live contest.

Please make sure to include photos from multiple angles for judging. Photos from the front, back and sides are required.

Only basic photo editing (color correction/cropping) is allowed. More extensive photo editing/manipulation is only allowed for the Ver Covid Theme Category: Digital Gunpla


Competition Schedule

Livestream: November 6-8, 2020


Each category will have a First, Second and Third place winner and will take home a bootleg copy of our usual coin prizes from our in-person contest.


Prizes donated by USA Gundam Store, Mecha Warehouse and Dungeon Ruins.

Each verified entrant will receive one ticket for the raffle regardless of how many entries they submit.

Winners will be announced during the live stream.

Submission Links