Long ass time no post, since I haven’t been building for a good long while. BUT, this past weekend was the triumphant return of SCGMC, live and in living color; albeit in crappy lighting conditions. We’re working on shopping optional other venues, this year was a compromise as we didn’t even know if we could have pulled it off when we originally signed the contract. We expected less people this year, so our entrant numbers dropped to 92 from about 115 in 2019. However, our number of entries exploded to 260 from 233 in 2019. So damn good job!

Ok, onto the better details, who won what. (if you want to know how we judge, go here: SCGMC General Judging Criteria – so what is sometimes seen in person is completely different from what you see with photos)



1st Place: Metallikarp | 2nd RX-78-2 Origin | 3rd Place: Rainbow Bear
 |  | 


1st Place: The Hermit | 2nd Place: Kevin’s Z’Gok | 3rd Place: Battle Lost Gundam Heavy Arms
 |  | 

1/100 Federation (split from 1/100 UC)


1st Place: RX-78-1 “The Predecessor” | 2nd Place(tie): Gun-EZ[Support Type] and ZZ Gundam (resin conversion)| ZZ Gundam Ver Ka
 |   | 

1/100 Zeon


1st Place: MG Zaku 2.0 | 2nd Place: Gyan | 3rd Place(tie) Zaku I and Shokew
 |  |  

1/144 Federation (Split from 1/144 UC)


1st Place: Tristan [Heavy Type] | 2nd Place: Pale Rider [Fast Type] | 3rd Place: GM Nightseeker
 |  | 

1/144 Zeon


1st Place: Char’s Rick Dom | 2nd Place: Mort Zaku X Crossbone | 3rd Place(Tie): Sazabi Red Comet Ver and Barzam Refined (Pezun Pattern)
 |  |  

1/100 Alternate Universe


1st Place: Build Strike Gundam Ver Hyperion | 2nd Place Wing Zero | 3rd Place Zaku Phantom Warrior
 |  | 

1/144 Alternate Universe


1st Place: N1-N74 (Ninja) HMST Dantelion | 2nd Place: GN-D Apollyon | 3rd Place: RG Leo Doll
 |  | 

Anime Figures


1st Place: Nurgle Pickichu | 2nd Place: Wolf Girl | 3rd Place: Volks Valkyria Chronicles Selvaria Bles
 |  | 

Star Wars


1st Place: Blockade Runner | 2nd Place: X-Wing Red 2 | 3rd Place: Snowspeeder
 |  | 

Mecha General


1st Place: Kaze Wego | 2nd Place: Chaos Knight Castigator | 3rd Place (tie): Escape Voodoo and Scopedog Turbo Custom
 |  |  

MaK SF3D (Split from Mecha General)


1st Place: Super Jerry and Pilot | 2nd Place: MaK SAFS Ver Cat | 3rd Place: SnakeEyes
 |  | 

Super Deformed


1st Place: SD Armored Troopers Votoms | 2nd Place: Hell-No Kitty | 3rd Place: Nightengale
 |  | 



1st Place: MaK Japanese Alley | 2nd Place: Escape: A Tribute to Jaburo | 3rd Place: Shipwreck

 |  |



Dan Salas’s ReBawoo



1st Place: 1/72 LED Mirage V3 | 2nd Place: Quebeley | 3rd Place: Suezou
 |  | 

Best of Show


Blockade Runner

The rest of the pictures from the show are below:

This year, we had 92 entrants bringing in 260 entries.