Here’s a page to help newer Gundam/Mecha model builders get oriented and find out about kits, where to buy them, how to build them, and find people like themselves…

There’s a lot of information out there, so here’s a gateway for getting started.

Places to learn about mecha model kits:

Dalong Gunpla Kit Review-
Has reviews of Gundam, Macross Frontier, Armored Core, ZOIDS, SRW and a lot more from Bandai and Kotobukiya. Reviews show built kits (he builds them simply with a minimal amount of paint), as well as level of detail and mobility (poseability) and in the information portion, box contents and scans of instruction manuals.

Hobby Search-
This is a Japanese online hobby shop but they generally have extensive photos of the built kits from box/catalog photos, box contents and instruction manuals. They have military models as well.

Places to Buy Models:

Online Japanese Shops

Hobbylink Japan:

Rainbow Ten:

Hobby Search:

Online US Shops:

Gundam Store and More


Local Southern California Shops that carry Gundam/Mecha kits:

Brookhurst Hobbies

Ultimate Hobbies

Tony’s Hobbies

Hobby People

Frank & Sons Collectible Show (open Saturdays and Wednesdays only, and only a couple booths sell kits, but their prices are very good)

Anime Expo – It’s only once a year and you have to register and pay to get in, but the Exhibitor Hall has some very good deals on everything anime related and there’s a model contest and several model building workshops.

Most Gundam/Mecha kits do not come with waterslide decals that most other modelers are used to (if they do have markings, they are typically peel-and-stick stickers and rub-on dry transfers). Bandai makes waterslide decals for some of their kits that you can buy separately on the listed websites, but Samuel Decal is a respected decal vendor from Hong Kong with a very large variety of designs. He can also print your own designs for you.

Gundam/Mecha model Community Forums:

GameraBaenre’s Model Building Community Forum:

Fichtenfoo Model Building Community Forum (FFF):

Hobby Fanatics Model Building Community Forum:

Useful Tutorials and Forum Help Sections:

Fichtenfoo’s “How to Build Master Grade Gundams”:

GameraBaenre’s Tutorials:

GB Forum Techniques and Technologies section:

FFF Model Help section:

Funakatown’s Tips and Advice:

You can always look at WIP (Work In Progress Reports) for ideas, techniques and inspirations. The forums above all have WIP sections and here are some good ones from a few prominent mecha model builders:



An excellent super-detailer-

Three talented modelers, some of their excellent kits have WIP reports.

I’m a fanatical documenter of my work so you can see every thought I’ve ever had…