Model Build Gathering This Weekend 6/11/2011

BG Pic

Just wanted to post on the front page that the June Build Gathering is coming up this Saturday June 11th at Gamerabaenre’s house in Placentia, California. Get more information, including how to get on the email list that announces the monthly gatherings at Gamerabaenre’s forum. BTW the last two words of that las sentence are a link, they just aren’t a diffferent color (at least on my PC). Here’s the URL, just to be safe:$t=944 Getherings start at 1pm and go until the last person leaves, usually around 1-3 am. This month will be the last BG before Anime Expo and the local leg of the 2011 Bandai Gunpla World Cup so hopefully people will be working on their entries.

Three GM Weekend

Snapped HGUC GMs

This last weekend was the April “Those Gundam Guys” Build Gathering (yes, we have a name now). Earlier in the month Gamerabaenre and Angel went and got the Dengeki Hobby issue with the GM Wagtail conversion kit in it. They were nice enough to pick me up a copy. Last week I visited the Robot4Less store for the first time and picked up the HGUC RGM-79C GM Ka kit that goes with it. Believe it or not I didn’t take this kit to the build gathering, even though the guys were planning a 0083-era GM group build of sorts that would culminate in a large diorama of a Zeon remnant base about to be swarmed by a herd of assorted GMs. But I was going to stick to my plans and work on sanding seams on my Valkyrie and maybe … Read More

April 2011 Model Build Gathering

This is just a quick article for the upcoming model build gathering. The build gathering is set for Saturday, April 16, 2011. I know a few of us has picked up the latest May edition of Dengeki with the Wagtail conversion for the RGM-79C HGUC kit, so there may be a couple of those on the work benches. Up for discussion will be the SCGMC, we still need to make up fliers, and nail down some target areas for advertising our event. The sooner we start marketing this, the better. Not going to rely on forums and the online masses. We’ve gotta hit the local colleges and unis, local gunpla selling hobby shops, F&S, and just start getting some word out.