MG GM Sniper 2: backpack work and start to chest, shoulders, and waist mods

MG GM Sniper 2: backpack work and start to chest, shoulders, and waist mods I went almost a week without doing much work other than molding and casting the metal thrusters. They look cool, but are a pain in the ass to paint and they add a bit too much weight in comparison to a resin copy. Plus, they can get expensive if I keep buying and using them. […] Source: GameraBaenre’s Blog

New project for the new year: GM Sniper 2!

New project for the new year: GM Sniper 2! What better way to start off a new year than with a brand spanking newly released Master Grade GM Sniper 2 kit? Even better is that I have the motivation and some ideas bouncing around in my head for the kit. It was released about 2 weeks ago and I got the kit late last […] Source: GameraBaenre’s Blog

10 months until SCGMC 2017

10 months until SCGMC 2017 It’s never too early to start working on your SCGMC projects. Hell, work on your projects for GBWC and the various other contests that happen throughout the year. TatsuHobby is having a Blue VS Yellow contest at the beginning of April. There are IPMS contests, Valleycon in March, and the list goes on; so there […] Source: GameraBaenre’s Blog

SCGMC 2016 is over, here’s what happened!

SCGMC 2016 is over, here’s what happened! For those that don’t know what SCGMC is, it’s the Southern California Gundam Model Competition. This was our 6th year hosting this competition; and even though there was a big convention happening the same weekend (Pacific Media Expo – PMX) we still did quite well. We had 280 people in attendance. Of that, 87 entered […] Source: GameraBaenre’s Blog

SCGMC 2015 T-Shirts for Sale!

The 2015 SCGMC T-Shirts are now up for sale at our online store: SCGMC 2015 Shirts This year we have two designs for our 5th year of this contest. Pick a side or grab both! We will also be at Anime Expo and will have the shirts available for purchase at our two workshops: Gundam Model Building (18+) July 3, 2015 @ 8:30PM Workshop 1 (WS1) LACC 403A Gundam Model Building (All Ages) July 4, 2015 @ 10:30AM Workshop 1 (WS1) LACC 403A

SCGMC 2014 T-Shirt Design

The folks here at ThoseGundamGuys have been hard at work creating this year’s T-Shirt design. A limited number will be for sale at this year’s SCGMC event. The price for the shirts have not been set yet, but it should be close to the price we sold last year’s Wing T-Shirts. If you missed out on last year’s Wing shirts, too bad, they’re gone. If you guys are coming out to the Southern California Gundam Model competition in November and want to make sure you get one of these limited shirts; visit our facebook page and post up your name, size, and quantity on this post: SGCMC T-Shirt Pre-Order

GBWC at Anime Expo 2014

Anime Expo Gunpla Builders World Cup 2014 preliminary competition Pictures of the winners: I believe there were 4 categories and then the best of show, Best 1/00 and larger, best 1/144 and smaller, Bandai judges favorite, Bluefin judges favorite, and Best of show. So here’s the whom and what won: Best 1/100 and Larger: Kendal Chow, Zeta Plus “Sialia” Best 1/144 and Smaller: Angel Del La Cruz, Hazel Bandai Judges Favorite: Min, God Gundam Bluefin Judges Favorite: Michael Wine, Geara Doga Best of Show: Dan Salas, Core Fighter A side note that 3 of the 5 winners are part of a Southern California group of gunpla modelers known collectively as Those Gundam Guys. Congrats guys!