Completed Build 3: Powered GM ‘Murica

Base Kit: HG Powered GM Cardigan
Mods: Leg extensions, panel line scribing, weapon/shield modifications and a paintjob full of freedom
Awards: 2nd place, 1/144 Alternate Universe category at SCGMC 2015


IMG_7304-31 IMG_7292-28 IMG_7290-27 IMG_7289-26 IMG_7288-25 IMG_7287-24 IMG_7286-23 IMG_7283-22 IMG_7279-21 IMG_7278-20 IMG_7277-19 IMG_7274-18 IMG_7273-17 IMG_7271-16 IMG_7269-15 IMG_7267-14 IMG_7263-13 IMG_7261-12 IMG_7260-11 IMG_7258-10 IMG_7256-9 IMG_7254-8 IMG_7252-7 IMG_7250-6 IMG_7246-5 IMG_7245-4 IMG_7244-3 IMG_7243-2 IMG_7242-1.

Source: Freddy Was Wrong