HG Grimgerde WIP

HG Grimgerde WIP

So I’m currently at the boring, clean up part of the Space Jahannam build. Decided to switch to a different project I’ve had on my mind for a while.

It was originally just to supposed to be a simple, quick build but then thought it would be a good project to test working with surface mount leds (the very tiny ones).



The Swords

The swords looked a bit too small and I wanted them to look more menacing. Used 1.5mm styrene and traced the original sword on it. Sketched out the size of the swords i wanted and cut them out. I found using a Tamiya panel line scriber instead of of a hobby knife made cutting the thick plastic easier.

IMG_20160628_214848  IMG_20160628_215121


The Torso

The Head: Drilled out the camera area of the head and placed a piece of clear blue runner that is the same diameter. Placed the led behind the the clear blue piece so that the light pipes through.

IMG_20160528_232626  IMG_20160528_232717


The Chest: Such a pain to wire.

Added another LED under the the top chest part so that it lights up the frame a bit. Made a few cuts to be able to run the wires through the chest. This took a lot of time measuring the lengths of wires, cutting them, soldering them, and then repeating after not getting the lengths right. Using blue tack temporarily to hold the chest LED in place. Will use glue once everything is painted.

IMG_20160616_220334  IMG_20160616_220320

Even though this was a pain, cant argue with the results. Just ignore the light bleed for now.



The Boosters

Used a pin vince and file to remove the back part of the booster so that I can add a few leds. Cut clear styrene to shape and used CA glue to add the leds. I also sanded the clear plastic to cloud it up a bit so that the light from the LED spreads out a little bit.

IMG_20160614_194251  IMG_20160614_235428  IMG_20160614_235524

Since the pegs are 3mm in diameter, I used a 1mm drill bit to add a hole to each piece. Used a power drill for the first cut, but that was dumb. Ended up melting the plastic but luckily it was salvageable. Used 30 gauge cooper magnet wire.

IMG_20160617_225924  IMG_20160617_230704

Used magic sculpt to fill in the top booster vent on the grimgerde.


Drilled a 3mm hole for the booster arms and then drilled a smaller 1mm hole behind that one for the wires. Ran the wires through with the other chest wires.

IMG_20160617_073942  IMG_20160617_073917  IMG_20160616_234006

The final result. Up next, painting.

IMG_20160628_231034  IMG_20160628_231004  IMG_20160628_230937  IMG_20160628_230923  IMG_20160628_230901  IMG_20160628_230444

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