IBO Diorama WIP 1: The Base

IBO Diorama WIP 1: The Base


I originally  wanted to recreate the final fight between  the Barbatos and Graze Ein from the anime for my first diarama. Didn’t feel like buying the 6th form HG Barbatos but I had the HG Barbatos that came with the Long Distance Booster. Looked into how much model buildings cost (they are expensive) and didn’t want to scratch build them so I went with a forest fight. From there I came up with a concept that had the Graze Ein win the fight by drill kick and thought I would try using a motor to to have it drilling.

Started off with a 16″ x 10″ wood base and used cork board to build up the cliff sides. That was a bad idea since the layers are so thin and cork is not that easy to cut. I’ll definitely go with Styrofoam next time. Added a large sheet of cork to put on the base so i can lift the terrain part and run wires through the base. Forgot to take pics of the final cork cliff layout.

img_20160712_203804 img_20160712_211429 img_20160917_170943


Used plaster cloth to cover the ground and cliff areas. Once that dried, I added rock plaster castings and hid the edges with more plaster cloth. I used the Outcropping, surface and boulder rock molds from woodland scenics.

img_20160906_215629 img_20160906_232927 img_20160911_014803


Once that layer dried I added more plaster to the ground to remove some of the flatness. I used the kits to leave inpressions in the plaster to make my life easier later on.

img_20160917_172115 img_20160917_172124


The Painting

I used woodland scenics leopard spotting technique (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SfP4RpcDYw) to paint the rocks. Used burnt umber, slate and black for the colors.

img_20160917_212517 img_20160917_213153 img_20160917_213657 img_20160917_214804 img_20160917_214816


Used earth undercoat to paint the rest of the base. This took several layer to get the look I wanted.

img_20160919_151230 img_20160919_151226 img_20160917_221647  img_20160917_220909


The Plants

I masked off the areas that i wanted to keep as dirt and started adding layers of Woodland scenics  fine and course turf (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQBDf6vQ_v8)

img_20160920_092249 img_20160920_100053 img_20160920_100022 img_20160920_094100 img_20160920_093429 img_20160920_100059


Removed masking tape and checked the kits to make sure they still fit in the exposed areas.



Once the base layer of grass was down, I added bushes, vines and trees.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79hbuEvQliE?rel=0&controls=0&showinfo=0]

Source: Freddy Was Wrong