Mistake Roundup #1

Mistake Roundup #1

I’m pretty new to customizing kits so I still make a lot of mistakes. Here are a few that I have made so you can learn from them.

Soft Plastic + Putty + a Ziplock bag = a Rubbery Mess

This happened while I was trying to fill in the holes on the backs of the Space Jahannam hands. They are made of the soft plastic that Bandai uses in newer HGs, usually the frame/weapon grey pieces. Normally, using putty to fill in holes usually works great. Don’t do what I did and toss the parts in a Ziplock bag for a few days. The putty never fully cured and turned the plastic into a rubbery/taffy mess that I was easily able to pull apart. I wasn’t able to salvage the parts because the never hardened up.



Never Trust a Cat

Doesn’t matter how cute they look, cats are natural assholes and will steal gunpla pieces if left unattended.

IMG_20150808_091025 IMG_20160413_204618

To date, those two assholes above have stolen my Try Burning Gundam’s head and hip joints, Saravee Gundam’s chest vents and some spare parts of a few other kits. Had to modify the Gaeon’s hip joints to fit on the Try Burning so that it could at least stand up. Its going to remain a statue until I find where they are hiding all of the pieces they’ve stolen. So yeah, cat’s are assholes.

IMG_20160227_233352 IMG_20160301_115632


Soldering Iron Mess Up

Don’t use a soldering iron over your parts or else you’ll end up with solder on them. This was caught on video (53:30) during a Those Gundam Guys live build. There are live builds every other Tuesday at 7:00PM PST. I’ll probably make more mistakes during a future broadcast.

Check them out: https://www.youtube.com/thosegundamguys

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17mqCQk5gD8?start=3210]

Source: Freddy Was Wrong