Powered GM ‘Murica WIP

Powered GM ‘Murica WIP

Potential color scheme inspired by the Megebots Mk. II. Going to end up adding a lot of guns to this so yeah… ‘MURICA!

GM Murica wip 18 - 6ecnGBX

Used a pin vice to bore holes into the beam sabers and convert them into guns. Didn’t get the holes perfectly centered. 🙁

GM Murica wip 10 - MH5R2Xu


Since this is based on an old kit, its using old joints which have to modified in order to be able able to remove the seam lines. This way I can paint the joints separately.

GM Murica wip 11 - 9mr3G7x


Dont have to worry about seam lines for the thighs since there’s already a molded seam line. Cut off the pegs for the leg joints. Removed a peg from the inside of the forearm and trimmed the joint to be able to slide it in.

GM Murica wip 12 - m5RrM4D


The forearm machine gun assembly has a peg to help secure the joint inside. Had to bore a hole into the back of leg and lined it up with female connector inside the leg. Drilled a bit into the joint as well to be secured by a rod which was cut off the sprue. Shout out to /u/Iris35 and /r/advancedgunpla for the tips.

GM Murica wip 13 - EE5B2w2


How it looks like after. Rod will trimmed and covered with armor pieces once its painted.

GM Murica wip 14 - siyZ2P4


Time to get Katoki’ed up in here. Taking the deep dive into limb extensions. Oh course I couldn’t make a straight cut.

GM Murica wip 15 - 92IwGPX


Plaplate and cement… yummy

GM Murica wip 16 - PJ4iMQn


Still need to clean up the sides but its coming along.

GM Murica wip 17 - npdDOq5


Added styrene to the should to give it a bit more armor. Also used styrene to bulk up edges of the shoulders and added thrusters from Bandai’ builder parts.

GM Murica wip 04 - PqbIaal GM Murica wip 03 - cBr5OpE


Various weapon configurations using the powered arm arms and giant gatlin gun.

GM Murica wip 05 - U1DvFoO GM Murica wip 01 - I2CJyk1 GM Murica wip 02 - WCm2wH9

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