Space Jahannam WIP 2: More mods and details

Space Jahannam WIP 2: More mods and details


Weapon Mods

I did not like the beam rifle the kit comes with. It just  looks to weird in hand without a trigger finger hand and it does not sit on arm too well. Ended up chopping the back end of the rifle and reshaping the handle with styrene and putty.

IMG_20160528_131625-2 IMG_20160528_131625


The wrists looked too skinny to me compared with the rest of the arm so I added a wrist gun and grappling cable to them.

Started off the wrist gun by cutting a piece of runner that tapers to make the wrist area flat. I initially tried drilling into another piece of runner to make the gun barrels but couldn’t get the hole centered so i ended up buying styrene tubing. Used a piece of sticky tack to hold the tubs in place while I measured and cut the enclosure. Added putty to fill in the gaps and sanded everything smooth. The wrist mod for the grappling hook is a lot simpler. Used styrene and putty to create enclosure and drilled a hole for the cable. I used the cable from the Builder Parts pipe set. To create the grappling hook, just cut out a few pieces of styrene and cemented them to a tube that fit the table.

IMG_20160419_222419 IMG_20160501_232820 IMG_20160505_001346

IMG_20160517_220619 IMG_20160527_003511


More Body Mods

Added a more styrene to chest to that it sticks out a bit more. Next I wanted to add a skull to it but I also wanted to be able to paint it separately. Glued a small piece of runner to the back of the skull and drilled a hole into the chest to hold it.

IMG_20160504_234254 IMG_20160504_234138


Glued of some Kotobukiya’s spikes to the shoulders and ankle joints. The empty gap in the ankle looked plain to me.

IMG_20160517_220831 IMG_20160517_220716 IMG_20160523_212310


Since the leg extensions left an ugly step in the back of the leg, I needed something to fill it in. Angel @ ThoseGundamGuys suggested using Magic Sculpt and it worked really well. I would suggest getting the Magic Sculpt as close to what you want it to be. Otherwise, you are going to be spending a lot of time sanding like I did. All that dust….

IMG_20160518_014333 IMG_20160525_234002 IMG_20160523_223526


Added styrene to the middle and back sections to have more room for the Builder Parts pipe.

IMG_20160419_223920 IMG_20160419_225608


The skirt armor went through a lot of variations. Added some styrene to the top of the of the side skirts to give the pipes a bit of curve at the waist. I wanted the front skirt armor to be longer and to be a bit wider at the top. Tried using putty to fill in the bottom section. VERY BAD IDEA. Ended up warping the underside of the skirt armor. Luckily I was able to fix it after about 6 more passes of putty. Used a thick piece of styrene to beef up the top of the armor.

IMG_20160517_232717 IMG_20160502_223454 IMG_20160502_000358 IMG_20160419_225337


The final look of the skirt armor.



Just a few pieces of styrene to give an extra layer to the armor on the backpack.



Forgot to get a shot of everything put together before taking it apart to start priming it. Ignore the purple skirt armor in the pic below. Used that for a bit after thinking I ruined the original skirt armor.

IMG_20160526_130957 IMG_20160526_105244 IMG_20160517_215002


Next step is going to be priming the kit to check for any imperfections and then finally painting the kit. To be honest, I worked on this kit longer than I intended to so I’m glad its almost done. I’m going for a dark paint job for this.

 IMG_20160528_201620 39d08ba8617ffe16

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