Anime Expo Model Contest

Anime Expo hosts a model contest within the confines of the Art Show. The competition is fairly general in that there are about 5 or so categories which include Gundam, mecha other, figure, and custom. This post will be updated with forms and more information in the next few weeks as little details are finalized with AX. The judging criteria will be the same as previous years. Build and Finish – 20 pts – This is the actual skill used in building the piece. This is visible seams, correcting of flaws in the kit, filling open areas that should be solid. Thw finish is a careful inspection of the actual painting, decals, weathering. Items to be judged: excessive brush strokes, over spray, decals that are peeling or silvering, stickers (if used) not showing signs of peeling or abuse. Sticker abuse … Read More