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Space Jahannam WIP 1: Proportion Changes and LED Mod

Space Jahannam WIP 1: Proportion Changes and LED Mod I originally got this kit dirt cheap and had it boxed up somewhere after I snapped it together. Decided that it was finally time I did something to it. LED Mod Emptied out the chest cavity as much as I could. Also added some styrene to the hole for the neck polycap to give it a slightly longer neck. Wired up the red LED with 24 gauge magnet copper wire, added a resistor and soldered magnets to the end of the wires for the battery. Used a CR927 battery...

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Powered GM ‘Murica WIP

Powered GM ‘Murica WIP Potential color scheme inspired by the Megebots Mk. II. Going to end up adding a lot of guns to this so yeah… ‘MURICA! Used a pin vice to bore holes into the beam sabers and convert them into guns. Didn’t get the holes perfectly centered.   Since this is based on an old kit, its using old joints which have to modified in order to be able able to remove the seam lines. This way I can paint the joints separately.   Dont have to worry about seam lines for the thighs since there’s already...

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SCGMC 2015 T-Shirts for Sale!

The 2015 SCGMC T-Shirts are now up for sale at our online store: SCGMC 2015 Shirts This year we have two designs for our 5th year of this contest. Pick a side or grab both! We will also be at Anime Expo and will have the shirts available for purchase at our two workshops: Gundam Model Building (18+) July 3, 2015 @ 8:30PM Workshop 1 (WS1) LACC 403A Gundam Model Building (All Ages) July 4, 2015 @ 10:30AM Workshop 1 (WS1) LACC...

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Download my MASSIVE How To Build Gunpla Guide!

Download my MASSIVE How To Build Gunpla Guide! Six months in the making. One hundred and thirty five pages of tools, supplies, tips, suggestions, and techniques. It’ll take you from clipping pieces off sprues, through surface preparation and painting to decal application and washes and there’s even a section on photographing your completed model. Click on the picture below to get to the download page. Source:...

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Southern California Gundam Model Competition