Completed Build 3: Powered GM ‘Murica

Completed Build 3: Powered GM ‘Murica Base Kit: HG Powered GM Cardigan Mods: Leg extensions, panel line scribing, weapon/shield modifications and a paintjob full of freedom Awards: 2nd place, 1/144 Alternate Universe category at SCGMC 2015 . Source: Freddy Was Wrong

Powered GM ‘Murica WIP

Powered GM ‘Murica WIP Potential color scheme inspired by the Megebots Mk. II. Going to end up adding a lot of guns to this so yeah… ‘MURICA! Used a pin vice to bore holes into the beam sabers and convert them into guns. Didn’t get the holes perfectly centered.   Since this is based on an old kit, its using old joints which have to modified in order to be able able to remove the seam lines. This way I can paint the joints separately.   Dont have to worry about seam lines for the thighs since there’s already a molded seam line. Cut off the pegs for the leg joints. Removed a peg from the inside of the forearm and trimmed the joint to be able to slide it in.   The forearm machine gun assembly has a peg … Read More

Download my MASSIVE How To Build Gunpla Guide!

Download my MASSIVE How To Build Gunpla Guide! Six months in the making. One hundred and thirty five pages of tools, supplies, tips, suggestions, and techniques. It’ll take you from clipping pieces off sprues, through surface preparation and painting to decal application and washes and there’s even a section on photographing your completed model. Click on the picture below to get to the download page. Source: Funakatown

Bandai 1/100 VF-25S Messiah Valkyrie Complete!

Bandai 1/100 VF-25S Messiah Valkyrie Complete! After completing the Core Fighter I repaired the Wing Gundam shadow box project that had been pretty well wrecked in an earthquake we had a few months back. After that I dusted off a project that had been on hold for about 18 months. I had it all ready to paint but when it came time to give it a white shaded paint job, I lost interest. So I grabbed another one of the 6 decal sets I had created for this neat little kit and made Ozma Lee’s gray VF-25S. To see the gallery, follow the picture link below: To see the short Work In Progress report, follow the picture link below: Source: Funakatown

Core Fighter Complete!

Core Fighter Complete! It has been 6 months since I finished a model… but this one’s in the books! It has an Air Force camouflage pattern but Navy weathering. The major decals are my own design and all the little data stencils come from the kit. To make it more detailed I replaced the kit’s seat with a 1/32 scale resin ejection seat from an F/A-18C Hornet and resin wheels from two different scale F-4 Phantoms. To see the gallery, follow the picture link below: Source: Funakatown

Big Robinson’s Raiders WIP Update

Big Robinson’s Raiders WIP Update I’ve completed the Core Fighter! I’ve updated the WIP with the rest of the In-Progress report for the Core Fighter. Follow the picture link to see how I finished the Core Fighter: Source: Funakatown

Chino Airshow 2014

Chino Airshow 2014 {$inline_image} Follow the picture link below to the best pictures I took at this year’s Chino Airshow: Source: Funakatown

Robinson’s Raiders Project WIP

Robinson’s Raiders Project WIP This is one of the largets projects I’ve ever put together and will be a 2-Part Diorama Featuring 2 heavily-modified Master Grade G-Fighters, 1 U.C. Hardgraph Core Fighter and several Hardgraph figures. I started work on it over a year ago but it’s been shelved once and I keep bouncing around to different parts of the project so no single part of it is complete yet. Still, it seemed like I was really overdue to post an update on my site so I decided to sum up the work so far. Click the picture link below to travel to the report: Source: Funakatown

Three GM Weekend

Snapped HGUC GMs

This last weekend was the April “Those Gundam Guys” Build Gathering (yes, we have a name now). Earlier in the month Gamerabaenre and Angel went and got the Dengeki Hobby issue with the GM Wagtail conversion kit in it. They were nice enough to pick me up a copy. Last week I visited the Robot4Less store for the first time and picked up the HGUC RGM-79C GM Ka kit that goes with it. Believe it or not I didn’t take this kit to the build gathering, even though the guys were planning a 0083-era GM group build of sorts that would culminate in a large diorama of a Zeon remnant base about to be swarmed by a herd of assorted GMs. But I was going to stick to my plans and work on sanding seams on my Valkyrie and maybe … Read More